There is no charge to producers or consultants for using the DairyMetrics benchmarking system. The system contains herd performance data from approximately half of all dairy herds in the United States. Data is updated nightly and always current.

If you already have an account, you can log in and choose the DairyMetrics option from the menu. Producers who send their DHIA data to DRMS must know their herdcode number and Remote Access Code (RAC). Producers who do not send data to DRMS can sign up as a consultant. Consultants need an account with DRMS which can be set up by calling DRMS at (515) 294-2526

DairyMetrics is a benchmarking tool for dairy farm performance evaluation. You can select information to display about your individual herd in comparison to herds which meet criteria that you select (cohort herds). Producers, consultants, agricultural extension personnel or DHIA staff can use DairyMetrics to compare an individual herd to cohorts or analyze an entire group of herds. Cohort herds can be selected based on their individual parameters within five classifications (general, production, udder health, reproduction and genetic information). Within these five classifications, there are 76 variables from which to choose. 

DairyMetrics will display information about your herd plus the means, standard deviations, minimums and maximums for the cohort herds. It also gives the percentiles for each herd performance parameter in comparison to the cohort group. You have the option of graphing your herd and its cohorts for the previous three months and from data one year ago.

The underlying database includes herd summary information from over 15,000 herds that are routinely processed by DRMS. The database is updated nightly to maintain current herd information.

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