Development on the DART (Direct Access to Records by Telephone) program began in 1979 when immediate access to data via modem was still a new concept on farms and many users had terminals rather than personal computers. Producers needed comprehensive information fast and needed it updated more than once per month after test day. Over the years, DART expanded to PCDART and addressed the need for better information (reproductive/health changes, bST, prostaglandin, body condition scores, heifer growth, herd trend graphs, and cow scatter plots) and the need for faster delivery (downloads and e-mail).

With the recent release of PocketDairy, we have also addressed the need for different avenues of input (handheld as well as desktop and laptop computers). PCDART 7, with users in all aspects of the dairy industry (producers, heifer growers, consultants, veterinarians, DHI technicians, and extension specialists) is an essential tool for profitability in the 21st century.

Using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) with PocketDairy and PCDART improves management and accuracy immediately! It's very easy to get the system up and running. 

PocketDairy and PCDART with RFID

PCDART features include:

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